by: Merle Ann Jones

Sarah's Summer Visit

Sarah's Summer Visit

Sarah's Summer Visit is a chapter book about a woman, Annie, that tires of her corporate life on the east coast. She buys a ranch sight unseen on the internet and moves. She is adopted by a cat and a beautiful wild mare.

Her granddaughter, Sarah, comes to spend the summer with her and falls in love with horses and renews Annie's love of horses. Annie and Sarah find hapinness in their new lives.

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Paul's Gift Book Cover

Paul's Gift

Paul's Gift is a great little picture book about the discovery and stewardship of the Nokota horses which are descendants of Sitting Bull's war horses. It gives a brief history of the horses and is illustrated with beautiful photographs taken on location in North Dakota.

The story is about Paul, a Native American youth, on a morning when he is waiting for his Nokota horse to be delivered, which is a fulfillment of his dream - to own a Nokota horse. This is a heartwarming story about a boy, his horse and a piece of American history.

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Sarah's Big Decision

Sarah's Big Decision

Sarah's Big Decision is the second book in a series about Sarah and her adventures with wild horses. She returns to her grandmother's ranch in North Dakota to look for the Red Rogue, the herd stallion that she saw on her last visit, in a lush green valley. To her surprise, he is gone and another has taken his place. Sarah befriends this beautiful white horse in the green valley and makes a very important decision in her life.

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